『OFF SESSiON』(オフセッション)は、タブロイドマガジン『OFF SEASON』から派生したオルタナティブメディアです。マスメディアとは異なる視点で、私たちがキュレーションしたさまざまなクリエイターやアーティストを、異なるジャンルのプラットフォームで結びつけます。

“OFF SESSiON” is an alternative media derived from the tabloid magazine “OFF SEASON.” With a perspective distinct from mainstream media, we connect various curated creators and artists across different genres on alternative platforms.
Our scope seamlessly encompasses photography, literature, art, music, and outdoor pursuits.
We diverge from the mainstream of online and digital media to offer authentic experiences that feel real, not simulated. From “OFF” sessions rather than “ON,” we foster new creations.